Buy Best Kind of Kurti for You!!

Women are very particular, when it comes about their outfits, footwear, and other decorative accessories to confer beautiful appearance, however, some may face malfunction due to wrong selection of the attire. Choosing only suitable attire is one of the best ways to flaunt your fashion statement, exquisiteness and impressiveness in a huge crowd. If you want to look perfect in your attire, you must be familiar with your body shapes. Look and think about your body shape-

  • Pear-Shape
  • Hourglass-Shape
  • Apple shape
  • Inverted triangle Shape
  • Rectangular shape


Pear shape- These women have wide lower body with thinner upper area. If you belong to this body type then you should go with kurtis that draw attention on the upper part only. In India, many women have this kind of body shape. A- Line kurtis, light color kurtis, boat neck or square neck pattern of kurtis, mix & match traditional coast of kurtis.


Hourglass shape- These women have perfect figure with well defined upper body and waistline. If you have this body-kind, you must go with anything except the one which hides your curvy shape. Belt pattern kurtis, lightweight fabric of kurtis, skinny leggings, and straight jeans with kurtis can help you make your own style statement.

Apple Shape- These women have larger upper body with thin legs. If you too have apple body shape, you must go with kurtis that create curvy waist. They must wear kurtis with V neck pattern, Belt pattern, short length, dark colors of kurtis and some designer kurtis make you look slim.


Inverted triangle shape-These women have larger upper body with broader chest area. They must go with attires that draw attraction towards the lower part of the body. They should select strap pattern kurti, embellished legging with simple kurtis, and plain kurti with dazzling Patiala salwar.

Rectangular shape-These women have no curve but flat body. If you have this one, you must go with something that helps bringing shape out from you. You can have wide assortments of kurtis like jaipuri style kurti, kurtis with flare and sleeveless Anarkali kurtis can help you maintaining the charm of your inner beauty.

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